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Trivia Bistro has the best trivia questions on the internet. With so many questions to choose from and an easy to use platform, you will make Trivia Bistro your favorite trivia destination.

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We offer free trivia questions and answers for you to enjoy. You can share our trivia with family and friends, print trivia questions. Host trivia parties using our Trivia. It's free to enjoy and distribute however you like.

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Use our free trivia questions to play trivia games, host trivia quizzes, play pub trivia, etc with your family and frieds. Pull up our website on your phone while sitting at the coffee shop, or waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant. Quiz your friends while having drinks at the bar, or play a drinking gave using our Trivia questions. Trivia is always fun!

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We offer different categories of Trivia (similar to Trivial Pursuit categories), including:

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